Root crown phenotyping

The root crown is the top portion of the root system attached the shoot that can be excavated from the soil. Root crown phenotyping is also known as "shovelomics," referring to the use of a shovel to collect the phenomics data. The 'Whole Root' mode of RhizoVision Explorer is intended to be used for root crown phenotyping using high contrast greyscale images or binary segmented images from other software. The RhizoVision Crown platform combines a backlight with a monochrome camera in order to capture root silhouettes. The system can optionally be used with our RhizoVision Imager to allow triggering of image capture with a barcode and saving the file with the ID contained in the barcode. RhizoVision Explorer can quickly, reproducibly, and reliably extract root traits from thousands of images.

This page has information about how to construct and use RhizoVision Crown.

Hardware plans

The published paper on RhizoVision Crown describes the construction and use of the platform with example data. At that time, the analysis software was called RhizoVision Analyzer which was superseded by RhizoVision Explorer. The software RhizoVision Imager was created to control the Basler monochrome camera and allow barcode triggering. The hardware plans and current recommendation for camera and lens are available on Zenodo. If used for presentations or publications, please cite.

Setting scale

Direct download | Zenodo repository 

How to set the scale when using a camera to take images is a very common question, so please check this tutorial and cite.