Citation Guidance

To demonstrate impact to secure funding for future development and to ensure reproducibility, the software creators humbly request* you cite the software and manuscript if used for data presented in presentations and publications. When citing the software, please use the DOI for the version you used for reproducibility.

Seethepalli, A. and York, L. M. (2020). RhizoVision Explorer - Interactive software for generalized root image analysis designed for everyone (Version 2.0.3). Zenodo.

The manuscript that describes and validates RhizoVision Explorer can be cited as:

Seethepalli, A., Dhakal, K., Griffiths, M., Guo, H., Freschet, G. T., York, L. M. (2021). RhizoVision Explorer: Open-source software for root image analysis and measurement standardization. AoB PLANTS, plab056,

An example sentence that should not be used without paraphrasing:

"The images were analyzed using RhizoVision Explorer v2.0.3 (Seethepalli and York, 2020) using algorithms described by Seethepalli et al. (2021)."

Reproducibility and Open Data

For your analysis to be reproducible, we recommend listing all settings in the methods section including DPI, thresholding, filtering, smoothing, pruning, and diameter classes used. Please fully describe the imaging hardware and procedure. Additionally, consider sharing your datasets, statistical analysis code, and even the settings file used for RhizoVision Explorer in a publicly accessible repository, such as Zenodo, DataDryad, Figshare, CyVerse Data Commons, or other.

*The guidance on this page is in no way a required stipulation for use of this free, open-source software.